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Bohemian Websody

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  • Java, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML…
  • Do these mean anything to you? No? Do they sound familiar, but you just can’t exactly put it into words?
  • Have you ever wondered what goes into making an awesome website?
  • LBG Skopje is inviting you to witness a live performance of Bohemian WEBsody, so you can learn how to develop your own websites!
  • Do not miss out on the chance to participate in the course that will give you the chance to learn everything that’s been on your mind about the web!
  • If you want to know: The tools, technologies, skills and technigues needed for making a website; Tips and tricks on making your website look amazing Why developers spend hours on end one a single website; Then look no further! Come and experience the BEST course alongside us!

    Have lots of fun with the coolest and raddest participants and organizers; Visit some of the greatest companies in the field of web design; Try our world-famous specialities like AJVAR and gravche tavche; Get to know the narrow and crooked streets of Skopje’s Old Bazaar; Visit the Millennium cross situated on the top of Mount Vodno; Enjoy the natural beauties of the Matka Canyon; Explore and savor everything the city of Ohrid has to offer; Visit St. Jovan Kaneo and be left breathless by its beauty Make the BEST memories you ever will and learn lots of new stuff at the same time!

  • Just prepare a motivational letter and prepare yourself for the BEST summer of your life. LBG Skopje is waiting for your applications!

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